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4/21/2011 – UPDATE – We were very disappointed by our experience with NH Kids Consignment.  Our original assumption was that this would be a highly organized consignment, with good quality items for sale.  The requirements to consign were very high – items had to be entered on their website, pay $10 fee to participate and include a self-addressed envelope, all items had to be pinned in a specific manner to adult hangers, and 60# tags had to be printed and pinned to all items.  Items flagged as donation did not receive a donation form for tax purposes.  We found that contributors were essentially “working” the sale and that the return on consigned items was far less than we would have received at The Children’s Clothing Tree in Stratham, NH.  Skip the work required at NH Kids Consignment and call our friends at The Children’s Tree to setup an appointment to consign.  Items not accepted can be taken to Goodwill for a deductible donation!

NH Kids Consignment Sale
Saturday, March 19, 9am-4pm (last hour many items ½ off!)
McKelvie School, Bedford, NH (108 Liberty Hill Rd)

Instead of buying new clothing or items for your child, think green and rewear/recycle. This event attracts parents with high quality toys, games, clothing, bedding, carseats….you name it. Because our kids grow up so quickly, some items still have tags and have never been used. So, come join the fun and think green!

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