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Patient Resources

Often it’s the simple things in life that fulfill and round us as people.  This page is devoted to the people and places that have nourished and strengthened us and continue to provide top notch services.

Divorce Care
A structured thirteen week course for those considering or experiencing divorce.  Divorce Care is a Christian based program that is open to persons of any faith or religion.  Consistent with the theory of integrated healthcare, a mind, body and spirit are interrelated. 

East Coast European LLC
We love the honest, efficient and smart guys at East Coast European.  Specializing in Audi, Volkswagen, and Porsche, the guys provide excellent customer service.  Dr. Giard highly recommends their service.

thrive for women
I fell in love with this spa-like gym!  We refer our female patients recovering from Lyme, Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue to use a membership for the infrared sauna - they can use it 24-7 at an affordable rate. At thrive, our female patients can enjoy group fitness, weight loss programs, aerobic & strength training, infrared sauna, personal training, hydromassage, Turbo Kick ®, personal training, TRX®, Zumba, Pilates, CYCLE classes, Kettlebells, and yoga all in a supportive environment with childcare and 24 hour Key card access! 

Rzepa Family Chiropractic
Located in Stratham, NH, Drs. Bart and Pam Rzepa offer a warm and caring environment in which we came to quickly appreciate their appointment free policy.  In my personal experience, I have never had to wait for treatment and am always greeted with a genuinely happy team of doctors, massage therapists and staff.   They are my “go to” source for pain relief.

Dr. Danette Cole, DC
Located in Exeter, NH, Dr. Cole offers online scheduling and specializes in trigger point work.  With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Danette Cole is dedicated to providing quality chiropractic natural health care in a comfortable, friendly, welcoming environment.  Our family enjoys treatment with Dr. Cole. 

Las Olas Taqueria
Healthy Mexican food sounds like an oxymoron, but not with the folks at Las Olas.  One of the few establishments we’ve encountered that understands and caters to Gluten Free diets.  Not only do they use fresh produce, but these guys get Mexican right – and having lived in Arizona for 10 years, Dr. Giard swears that dining at Las Olas is like eating at her favorite Taquería in Phoenix. 

Riverslea Farm
Jeff and Liz Conrad raise sheep and goats for the sale of meat, skins and wool.  Their farm is an absolute pleasure to visit, and their animals exude a very happy and blissful life.  Dr. Giard refers parents of Autistic children to the farm for Riverslea’s washable sheepskins to increase tactile learning.  If you call before visiting, Jeff or Liz would be happy to provide a family tour of the farm.  This is a working farm; we encourage you to wear mud boots!

Jesta Farm
Dr. Giard’s go-to source for fresh, raw goat milk.  Milk is available almost all year.  Please call Sue 24 hours prior desired pick-up. This is a working farm; once again we encourage you to wear mud boots!

Al’s Seafood
Al’s offers a wide variety of seafood that is clearly marked with the region of origin.  As many patients realize that this is critical to understanding if their fish is farm-raised, wild caught or from a region that may be heavily polluted.  Patrons are always greeted with a warm and knowledgeable staff.  
51 Lafayette Road
North Hampton, NH 03862-2483
(603) 964-9591

Children’s Museum of NH
Throughout the country, museums dedicated to children have been erected.  These institutions are an important part of a child’s development; they offer a fun, educational resource…especially fun during overcast and snowy days.  The Children’s Museum of NH offers plenty of room to run, draw, playact, and learn.

The Blue Bowl
Carries raw milk and a wide variety of locally raised meat.

The Farmer’s Wife
A seasonal (May-Oct) farm store offering fresh fish (available Thursday and Friday), locally raised meat, eggs and milk. Nice selection of gluten-free beer.

Bedford Center Chiropractic
Dr. Anna Petrella brings over 25 years of chiropractic experience. She is my “go to” for patients who fear being adjusted and need muscle work.

Evergreen Counseling Services
An experienced counselor, Donna is my “go to” therapist for patients with trauma. She offers a variety of tools to help manage anxiety, PTSD, depression and relationship conflict.

Complete Bodywork and Massage Center
Colleen Kaatz offers therapeutic massage therapy with medical cupping. Cupping is a technique that increases bloodflow to the tissue and reduce inflammation and pain.

Deerfield Family Dentistry
Located in Deerfield, NH, Dr. Pike offers a warm, patient focused dental clinic. My patients report that they are always greeted with a genuinely happy team of hygienists, staff and dentist. Dr. Pike has the most up-to-date equipment, and provides affordable, sensitive dental care.

Harmony Reins Counseling Services
Sarah Jane Chaplin is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) who provides equine therapy in addition to traditional mental health counseling. I’ve found Sarah approachable, caring and honest.

Julie Costanzo is my registered dietician of choice! Her approach is gentle and supportive for those struggling with obesity, diabetes, and food allergies. She stays abreast of the latest food fads and has thoughtful, science based support to help guide you to nourish your body best.

Pioneering Fitness
Sometimes we all need a little support to exercise. With an infectious smile, “you can do it” attitude, Jodi has motivated men and women well into their eighties (and younger) to move their bodies joyfully. When I’m working with a patient who is struggling with “exercise” I feel confident referring them to Jodi.

Steven M. Lorei, PhD
Dr. Lorei is a licensed Clinical Psychotherapist and a licensed School Psychologist working with individuals, couples, families and children in the seacoast area of New Hampshire. Psychological services include treatment strategies for addressing Anxiety, depression, relationships and trauma. Address: 14 Bow St, Exeter, NH 03833 Phone: (603) 734-2082

Edward Jacobs, Ph.D. & Associates
a practice providing comprehensive psychological services, including psychotherapy, neurofeedback, psychological and neuropsychological testing, learning disabilities services, special education consultation, and tutoring.

Tamara Krenn, LMT
Tamara offers a variety of techniques from Thai Massage to CranioSacral therapy. A very useful therapy is Maya Abdominal Therapy which many women find helpful for endometriosis, pelvic pain, and PMS.

Hampton Natural Foods
Sometimes I prescribe a tincture or supplement for acute illnesses, and patients don’t have time to wait for a shipment from our dispensary. I find the team at Hampton Natural Foods thoughtful, helpful and affordable.