Patient Resources

Often it’s the simple things in life that fulfill and round us as people.  This page is devoted to the people and places that have nourished and strengthened us and continue to provide top notch services.

thrive for women
I fell in love with this spa-like gym! I am proud to announce Starry Brook patients can now use our corporate rate at the gym! We refer our female patients recovering from Lyme, Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue to use a membership for the infrared sauna - they can use it 24-7 at an affordable rate. At thrive, our female patients can enjoy group fitness, weight loss programs, aerobic & strength training, infrared sauna, personal training, hydromassage, Turbo Kick ®, personal training, TRX®, Zumba, Pilates, CYCLE classes, Ketttlebells, and yoga all in a supportive environment with childcare and 24 hour Key card access! 

The Color Loft
Mel is genius. I had followed my best friend from salon to salon seeking just the right cut. That journey has ended! Both my friend and I have been impressed with Mel's skill in styling and color. Highly recommended.  

NMD Photography
Nicole Derr and I met at a New Mom & Baby Expo in the Fall 2011.  From the moment we met, I knew I had connected with someone who would be able to capture the way I see my family.  Indeed, her sneak peak on Facebook embodies how my daughter appears to me - beautiful, amazing, breathless, happy, and free. 

Starry Brook's recommended books, products and kitchen gear
Looking for that recipe, appliance or product that Dr. Robyn raved about? Need a recommendation for a gluten-free product? We've compiled some of our favorite books, products and tips into a easy-to-use store:

Signs Of The Times
Wendee Robinson developed, constructed and erected our signage.  We have been very pleased with the quality of her work and the quick turn-around on deliverables.

Rzepa Family Chiropractic
Located in Stratham, NH, Drs. Bart and Pam Rzepa offer a warm and caring environment in which we came to quickly appreciate their appointment free policy.  In my personal experience, I have never had to wait for treatment and am always greeted with a genuinely happy team of doctors, massage therapists and staff.   They are my “go to” source for pain relief.

Las Olas Taqueria
Healthy Mexican food sounds like an oxymoron, but not with the folks at Las Olas.  One of the few establishments we’ve encountered that understands and caters to Gluten Free diets.  Not only do they use fresh produce, but these guys get Mexican right – and having lived in Arizona for 10 years, Dr. Conte swears that dining at Las Olas is like eating at her favorite Taquería in Phoenix. 

Riverslea Farm
Jeff and Liz Conrad raise sheep and goats for the sale of meat, skins and wool.  Their farm is an absolute pleasure to visit, and their animals exude a very happy and blissful life.  Dr. Conte refers parents of Autistic children to the farm for Riverslea’s washable sheepskins to increase tactile learning.  If you call before visiting, Jeff or Liz would be happy to provide a family tour of the farm.  This is a working farm; we encourage you to wear mud boots!

Jesta Farm
Dr. Conte’s go-to source for fresh, raw goat milk.  Milk is available almost all year.  Please call Sue 24 hours prior desired pick-up. This is a working farm; once again we encourage you to wear mud boots!

Morgen Ames offers private one-on-one piano and voice lessons for children and adults at her home in Exeter, NH.  With a strong background in both performance and education and a gentle yet enthusiastic teaching style, students always look forward to their lessons.

Al’s Seafood
Al’s offers a wide variety of seafood that is clearly marked with the region of origin.  As many patients realize that this is critical to understanding if their fish is farm-raised, wild caught or from a region that may be heavily polluted.  Patrons are always greeted with a warm and knowledgeable staff.  
51 Lafayette Road
North Hampton, NH 03862-2483
(603) 964-9591

Children’s Museum of NH
Throughout the country, museums dedicated to children have been erected.  These institutions are an important part of a child’s development; they offer a fun, educational resource…especially fun during overcast and snowy days.  The Children’s Museum of NH offers plenty of room to run, draw, playact, and learn.

Top Drawer
We take care of our cars, our homes and our clothing but for reasons unknown we ignore our bodies.  Astonishingly, very few women (and their partners) know how to care for one of their most fragile features, their breasts.  Healthy breasts are supported by a properly fit bra, one in which lymphatic drainage is not impaired.  Simple, periodic breast massage increases blood flow, helps women identify the normal texture of her breasts and serves as a screening to quickly address abnormal tissue/textures.  Dr. Conte strongly encourages all of her female patients to visit a bra fitting specialist to learn their proper size.  The specialists at Top Drawer are patient, well-trained and discreet and will give you the personal attention you deserve.    

Divorce Care
A structured thirteen week course for those considering or experiencing divorce.  Divorce Care is a Christian based program that is open to persons of any faith or religion.  Consistent with the theory of integrated healthcare, a mind, body and spirit are interrelated. 

Hogarth Country Day School
Located in Epping, NH, Hogarth provides a wonderful experience for children.  Housed in a brick building, Miss Andrea offers quite simply one of the best educational programs the Conte family has encountered.

East Coast European LLC
We love the honest, efficient and smart guys at East Coast European.  Specializing in Audi, Volkswagen, and Porsche, the guys provide excellent customer service.  Dr. Conte highly recommends their service.

The Small Business Authority
Have you fallen in love with our site?  So have we!  Dr. Conte personally recommends The Small Business Authority for web development as well as merchant processing.  When it comes to starting a business and relying on technical expertise, having a company support your organization through every step is vital.  Being able to contact friendly and helpful customer service 24-7?  Priceless.