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Medication Refill Tips & Policies



  • You may have a prescription that allows you to obtain refills directly through your pharmacy. Please call your pharmacy to determine if they can dispense a refill without further authorization from your physician.  We encourage patients to keep a log of their prescription numbers (listed on the label) as well as the pharmacy number to help organize and make refilling easier.
  • You should plan on contacting the pharmacy at least 24 hours prior to picking up your medication. This allows them time to prepare your prescription and minimizes your waiting time.
  • Some pharmaceutical manufacturers make medication rebate coupons available to help defray the cost of their prescription medicines. In most cases, these must be submitted along with proof of having purchased the medication from the pharmacy.
  • In most cases, we are able to refill supplements within the same-day, however, given seasonal changes and vendor backorders, Starry Brook cannot guarantee same-day refills.  We encourage patients to place email refill requests seven (7) days prior to your medication/supplement runs out.

Medication refill Policy

  1. Request for medication refills of medications may take 24-72 hours for a response to the request.
  2. Refills will be handled Monday - Thursday, 9am -1pm.  Medication refills after-hours will be handled the next business day.
  3. Please plan ahead - we require three (3) days before your medication is due to run out. If you use mail order company, please contact us fourteen (14) days before your medication is due to run out. Messages can be left on voicemail.
  4. It may take 1-3 business days to refill your prescription. We must review your medical records, check for expiration dates, verify the number of refills and ensure refill eligibility. Once the necessary information has been researched, it ispresented to the doctor for final authorization. Certain medications require laboratory testing before they can be refilled
  5. You may request a refill through your pharmacy.  Many pharmacies have a 24-7 authorization refill service for your convienence.  The pharmacy will forward the necessary information to our office to begin the research process.
  6. We utilize strict controls for certain medications (benzodiazapines like Xanax, pain medications, and hormones - including thyroid). Patients must be seen in the office for on a regular basis for these medications to be refilled. Patients taking these medications cannot have the medication refilled until the current prescription is fully expired. Patient's taking these medications must be seen by the physician at least every 90 days as determined by the healthcare provider.
  7. Refills on medication can only be authorized on medications prescribed by physicians in our office. We will not refill medications prescribed by other physicians.
  8. Medication refills will not be sent to the pharmacy if you have not been seen or consulted with one of our healthcare providers in the last 12 months. Follow up visits will be needed to verify medication needs.