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Virtual Dispensary

As a mom of a toddler and a patient, I know how hard it can be to make sure the nutrients we need to stay healthy are stocked in our home.  With that realization, I created an easier way for you to order the products that you need.

I've carefully chosen all the products in the store based on quality and effectiveness. I only recommend brands that meet the highest quality control and conform to DSHEA standards of marketing. Most of these products are not available in health food stores, and I want you to have access to the highest quality products.

Paying less for products that may not contain the active ingredients needed to address your health concern, or that may contain allergens or contaminants goes against the whole purpose of taking herbs and supplements for your health!

Not only that, but these are products that I have used successfully in my practice (and on myself and my family). The store only contains products that meet my standards; products that actually produce the desired results.