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Meet the Team

The Starry Brook Team

Robyn A. Giard, ND

Dr. Robyn Giard is Chief Medical Officer and founder of Starry Brook Natural Medicine.

Licensed as a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) with the State of New Hampshire, Dr. Giard is a member of Naturopathic Academy of Primary Care Physicians (NAPCP) and New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors (NHAND). Dr. Giard currently practices as a primary care naturopathic doctor, prescribing medications, ordering labs and imaging, performing physical exams, as well as offering her patients acupuncture, counseling, clinical nutrition, botanical medicine and homeopathy.

Dr. Giard attended Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Tempe, Az., an institution with a strong focus on integrative medicine. As part of development she performed clinical rotations with MDs, DOs, as well as NDs in Arizona and Connecticut. During this time her primary focus was on clinical training in OB/GYN and mental health.

"Many women feel comfortable discussing hormonal changes as well as personal topics such as sexuality and libido with a female doctor. As women, we can personally relate to and understand PMS, menopause, pregnancy and other issues," says Dr. Giard.

Dr. Giard has been involved in extensive studies regarding the impact of nutrition on mental illness, including ADHD, depression and anxiety. She believes that homeopathy and botanical medicine complement dietary revision, lifestyle changes, and mind-body therapies to help restore balance for her patients.

Originally from Westport, CT, Dr. Giard first realized the joy of helping others through her volunteer efforts with special education students in high school in her hometown. She received her Bachelor of Arts with a double major in economics and English from Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass. She also attended the London School of Economics, London, England, and after working in the business world for five years, she returned to school to complete her medical studies. Dr. Giard recently collaborated with a major dietary supplement distributor as to identify dietary supplement industry trends, perform and provide FDA/FTC and Prop. 65 regulatory reviews, source new products for the distributor portfolio as well as answer clinical questions from physicians nationwide.

Dr. Giard and her family enjoy visiting local New Hampshire farms, cooking, hiking, running and gardening.

Partners and Colleagues

Jessica Davis, CPM NHCM

Roots of Life Midwifery

Since 2006, Jessica has been involved in supporting families thru pregnancy, labor, and birth. She started by training to become a Childbirth Educator and doula. Teaching and attending births allowed her to empower women to make educated decisions. She graduated in 2012 from Birthwise Midwifery School, Bridgton, Maine. In 2013, she became a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) thru the North American Registry of Midwives and shortly after a New Hampshire Certified Midwife (NHCM). Jessica partnered with Starry Brook Natural Medicine to provide clients with seamless scheduling, billing and support for families choosing a more holistic approach.

In addition to Midwifery certification, Jessica has continued to pursue education to benefit her practice and clients. In 2014 she became certified as a Reiki Practitioner and an EMT. Providing Reiki to families has been a rewarding addition to her practice. Her large but portable massage table enables her to provide Reiki in the comfort of the clients home.

As a midwife practicing in Maine and New Hampshire, Jessica relies on current research and the “scope of practice” defined and developed by The International Definition of Midwifery as accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Confederation of Midwives.

Jessica is trained to provide care to women who are considered low-risk during pregnancy, labor, birth, and after the birth of the baby. Safety of the mother and baby are of the utmost importance and the eligibility for midwifery care in an out of hospital setting is continually evaluated during the prenatal period. Pregnancy is a healthy and normal process for most women; however some health conditions or complications require a referral to a differently skilled healthcare provider.

To schedule an appointment, click here or call 603.583.5181

Steven M. Lorei, PhD.

Dr. Lorei is a licensed Clinical Psychotherapist and a Licensed School Psychologist working with individuals, couples, families and children in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire.

Psychological services include treatment strategies for addressing anxiety, depression, relationships and trauma. He provides assessment and evaluation services for adults and children. He also works with businesses assisting with team building, conflict resolution, effective communication and personal effectiveness.

Dr. Lorei has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and a Master of Arts in marriage, family and child psychology. For over thirty years he has worked to blend eastern transformational technologies and practices with western methods of psychotherapy. Dr. Lorei recognizes that effective psychotherapy is a process of assisting the individual in accepting personal responsibility and the directing another to the heart of themselves. Dr. Lorei is also the author of A Handbook For Making Life Changes.

To schedule an appointment or learn more about his practice, call (603) 734-2082

Tom Grebouski, PhD

Dr. Grebouski is a Licensed School Psychologist and Cognitive-Behavioral Consultant.

Having worked as a school psychologist for over 12 years, with training in both school and clinical psychology, Dr. Tom specializes in cognitive-behavioral therapy, including conducting assessments to offer valuable information regarding cognitive, academic and behavioral functioning. Dr. Tom also works with parents and educational staff members to empower them in their work with developmentally disabled students. He is also the Chief of Psychology for the Monarch School of New England.

To schedule an appointment or learn more about his practice, call (603) 674-4267

Ann Mendelsohn, APRN

Ann Mendelsohn is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Psychiatry for adults and older adolescents. Her practice is integrative focusing on a blend of Eastern principle and Western medicine. She is certified in Herbal Medicine, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Polarity therapy and Reiki and has been a student of Shamanism for many years. She continues to help clients who seek an alternative to medication while simultaneously believing medication can be helpful and needed at times.

She does individual counseling with a psychospiritual approach, mindfulness practices, CBT techniques and meditation. She is a Functional Medicine practitioner utilizing lab values and supplements to bring one back into balance in conjunction with lifestyle and nutritional changes.

She has offices in Newbury, Ma and Exeter, NH and accepts some insurances. To schedule an appointment please call (978) 499-2103.