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About Us

What Makes Us Unique

We provide quality medical care.

Dr. Giard is an acknowledged expert and leader in the rapidly growing field of complementary and alternative medicine.  Her approach considers the whole person and provides hope.  We take time to listen to our patients with compassion and respect, and believe that patient guided goal setting and treatment are key components to optimizing health. 

Our primary focus is integration.

We believe that the best care is provided when a variety of treatment tools can be offered from prescriptions to nutrition.  The doctor then becomes a central spokesperson for patients with multiple health problems enabling other providers to collaborate in a more constructive fashion.

We are a one-stop shop.

As a family practice, we are equipped to serve all members of the family at Starry Brook.  We are able to provide laboratory and physical exams in addition to offering IV therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, clinical nutrition and botanical medicine.  Our peaceful setting and extended appointments are a stark contrast to the cold, sterile and rushed appointments patients are used to experiencing.

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